Beer Training

Beer Training:

HOPS- flower of the hop plants, member of the help family, bitter flavor, works as a preservative

MALT- barley that is partially germinated, soaked and dried; kilned to stop the malting process; the longer its roasted/kilned the darker the beer; can be wheat as well; only the best quality wheat/barley is used to make beer

ESTERS- fruity flavor produced during fermentation that can vary in taste and aroma between pears, roses, bananas or other light fruits; formed in beer by the “esterification” of ethanol which is the primary alcohol in beer; production of esters is primarily driven by the yeast used; Higher temperatures in fermentation result in more esters



Light Lager:

-lower alcohol

-lower calories/carbs

-very low in malt flavor with a light/dry body

-low hops character

Goes with:

We Serve: Michelob, Bud Light


Pale Lager:

- light- to medium-bodied

- light-to-medium hop impression

-clean, crisp malt character

Goes with:

We Serve:Corona, Heineken


German Pilsner

-straw to pale in color

-malty residual sweetness in aroma and flavor

-med/high hop bitterness

Goes with: shellfish, chicken, salads, white cheddar, shortbread cookies

We Sell:Pilsner, Kinabik(Snake Lake Brewing)


American Adjunet Lager:

  • Light bodied, pale fizzy
  • Low bitterness, thin ,malts
  • Moderate alcohol

Goes with:

We Sell: MGD, Bud, Coors Banquet, Canadian



-little in the way of malt/hop character

-straw to golden color

-clean, crisp, highly carbonated

Goes with: pho, smear ripened cheeses, kettle corn balls

We Serve:Coors Light, Kokanee


Bohemian Style Pilsner

-malt pilsner brewed with Belgium Lager Yeast and contains an abundance of hops in true pilsner style

-slightly sweet, toasted biscuit-like bready malt character

-med hop bitterness

-low/med hop aroma/flavor

-darker in color and higher in gravity than german pilsners

Goes with: Shellfish, chicken, salads, mild white cheddar, shortbread cookies

We Sell: Stella Artois



Amber Lager:

-medium bodied lager

-toasted or caramel like malt character

-low-high hop bitterness

-mash and dry-hopping may be used to achieve advanced flavors

Goes with: grilled meats and vegetables, white cheddar, fruit desserts

We Serve:  Richards Red





Belgium White Ale

- Low bitterness level

-moderate-strength wheat-based ale

Goes with: seafood, fish, salads, light cheeses, brunch, sushi

We serve: Buck Tooth (Trouble Monk)


Golden Ale

-less hoppy and more malt forward

-earthy and bready

-bridges the gap between lager and pale ale

Goes with: beer battered shrimp, triple crème, baklava

We Serve:Golden Gaetz (Troubled Monk), Dayliner (Siding 14 Brewery)


Pale Ale:

-floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney, resinous hop character

-med/med high hop bitterness/flavor/aroma

-med body

-low/med maltiness

Goes with: roasted or grilled meats, mild/medium cheddars, apple pie

We Serve:New England (Blindman Brewery), Pesky Pig(Troubled Monk)


Euro Pale Ale

--med/high hop bitterness

-med/high maltiness

-rich flavors

-lower alcohol content

Goes with: roast chicken, fish & chips, English cheeses, maple bread pudding

We Serve: Moretti



-an ale is a particular style of beer that is, at its most basic, defined by the yeast used during the fermentation process.

-ales are even better when they are either unaged or aged for a very short time

  • Ales tend to be flavorful, more robust and complex beers.
  • Ales tend to be fruitier and more aromatic.
  • Many ales have a stronger bitter note

Goes with:burgers, hot wings, Asian foods, Mexican foods, spicy food, nutty food, fried food, steak, pizza, cheese

We Serve: River Session (Blindman Brewey), Aprikat(Alleykat brewery)


IPA- India Pale Ale

-acquired taste

-175yr old style

-higher than average alcohol content

-generally high in hops

Goes well with: spicy tuna rolls, blue cheeses, persimmon rice dishes

We Serve:Lone Wolf(Fernie Brewing),Alexander Keiths, Sidewinder(Snake Lake Brewing)


Honey Cream Ale

-Traditionally brewed in small batches with locally sourced honey to create subtle earthy back notes and aromas

Goes with:

We serve: Switchpoint (Siding 14)


Brown Ale

-roast malt tones (chocolate/nuts)

-low hop flavor/aroma

-rich and advanced malt aroma/flavor

-food friendly

-lower alcohol content

Goes with: roasted pork, steak, nuts, aged gouda, pear fritters

We Serve:Open Road(Troubled Monk)



-dry-roasted character

-moderate degree of roasted malt aromas

-med-high hop bitternesss

Goes with: oysters, ham, Irish cheddar, chocolate desserts

We sell: Guiness