Wine Training

Red Wine

Made from fermenting grape juice which contains parts of skin, fruit, seeds and even stems

Made from fermenting ONLY grape juice
Contains more Tannins

-naturally occurring polyphenol

- causes dryness in mouth

-naturally occurring anti-oxidants

-contained within the skin and fruit

Helps presenver wine allowing for longer aging


White Wine

Contains very few Tannins-in some wines the Tannins are actually removed.

Usually has a higher alcohol content

-        Grapes are usually picked at a higher ripeness than white wine grapes which causes a higher sugar content. The sugars turn into the alcohol content during fermentation

More full bodied because of the alcohol content, Tannins, and fermentation process Simpler taste profile
Typically pairs with meat based dishes Typically pairs with seafood, poultry and veggies
More complex flavor profiles ranging from fruity to spicy to even meaty Lighter, more floral, more crisp, hints of citrus and other fruits

-orchard fruits (pears and apples)

- tropical fruits (guava, mango pineapple)

- citrus fruits make the wine lighter and brighter

Usually invoke tastes of the berry family

-Lighter reds- strawberry/cherry

-Richer red- cassis. Blackberry, plum

-Can have non-fruit flavors like herbs, tobacco leaves or leather

- Can exhibit briny/chalky (“minerality”) quality

-Richer whites may be oily or nutty


  More acids (malic, tartic and citric)

-        Accounts for tart, crisp flavor

-        -helps with pairing with foods



Types of White Wines

  • From Earthy to Fruity/Dry to Sweet


Pairs well with: chicken, tofu, shrimp, pork, spicy curries and Southeast Asian far

Originates from Coneglian-Valdobbiandene region of Italy

-sparkling wine

-made with 85% Glera grapes-

-made using the “Charmat sparkling method”

-dry but sweet

-flavors of green apple, honeydew melon, pear and honeysuckle

-serve cold

-good for mimosa’s

We sell:

Lamarca, IT



Pairs with: clams, gnocci, squid ink linguini, scallops, risotto

Originates from Soave, in Northern Italy


-flavors of peach, honeydew melon, orange zest, marjoram, slight saltiness, beeswax, lemon, almond

-primary grape is Garganega

We sell:

Bolla Classico, IT


Sauvignon Blanc:

Pairs well with: seafood, poultry, salads

Originates from: Bordeaux region, France

-normally shows herbal characters suggesting bell peppers or freshly mown grass

- dominating flavors range from sour green fruit (apple, pear and gooseberry) to tropical fruits (melon, mango, black currant)

-displays smoky qualities, bright aromas and acid finish win quality unoaked wines

3 we sell:

Oyster Bay,

Seven Terraces, NZ

Kim Crawford, NZ

House wine available by the glass  and the bottle; changes based on availability


Pinot Grigio:

Pairs well with: almost everything

Originates from: Venezia and Also Adige regions of Italy

-crisp, dry, good acid bite (European wines)

- Aromatic, fruity (USA wines)

Pinot Gris (French Pinot Grigio)- spicy foods

3 we sell:

Folonari, IT

Villa Teresa, IT

House wine available by the glass  and the bottle; changes based on availability



Pairs well with: fish, chicken, turkey, pork, scallops, creamy foods

Originates from: Bourgogne, France

  • Full bodied, velvety, voluptuous, savory (creamy flavor)
  • Rich citrus flavors
  • Oak aged
  • Aromas of yellow apple/pear & pineapple/lemon zest

3 we sell:

Wente, US

La Crema, US

Bin 65, AUD

House wine available by the glass  and the bottle; changes based on availability


Chianti Orvietto:

Pairs well with: seafood, pasta, chicken

Originates from: Central Italy

-blend of Procanico, Grechetto, Canaiolo Blanco and Verdello

- subtle floral notes

-smooth light citrus pear

-subtly sweet

-- same grape as the Red Chianti Orvietto only its made from fermented grape juice only

We sell:

Chianti Orvieto, ITL



Pairs well with: desserts or alone

Originates from:

-sweet and fruity

-grapefruit and musky aromas

We sell:

Jacobs Creek, AUS



Pairs well with: beef, poultry, game birds, cheese, pizza, turkey dinner, spicy foods, seafood

Originates from: Germany

-made from fully ripe grapes

- light and fresh, dry

-High Quality German Riesling

We sell:

Schoskkapelle, GER $39btl









Types of Red Wines

-from light bodied to full bodied

White Zinfandel:

Pairs well with: chicken, fish, veggies, spicy dishes

Originates from: Croatia (better known from California)

Flavors: strawberry, melon

-same grape as a red Zinfandel but only the grape juice is used in the fermentation process

-low alcohol

-low calories


We sell:

Wine Makers House, CAN



Pairs well with: beef, rich meats, salads, pizza, seafood, pasta

Originates from: Veneto region, Italy

Flavors: cherry, dark chocolate, espresso, olives, black pepper,

-good slightly chilled

- fragrant

-best within first 5 years of bottling

We sell:

Folonari, IT

Ripasso Superior, IT


Cabernet Franc

Pairs well with: tomato based dishes, vinegar based sauces (smokey BBQ), rich legumes

Originates from: Basque Region, France

Flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Bell Pepper, Crushed Gravel, Chili Pepper

We Sell:

Hester Creek, CAN



Pairs well with: STEAK, pasta, pizza, rich meats

Originates from: Veneto region, Italy

Flavors: balsamic, cocoa, figs, chocolate, tobacco

-slightly raisined

-improves with age

- Pleasant, softly bitter

-medium bodied


We sell:

Castleforte, IT

Masi, IT

Masi Compofiorin, IT (upgraded Amarone)





Cotes du Rhone:

Pairs well with: everything

Originates from: Rhone Valley, FR

Flavors: vary widely depending on the blends  used

-smooth and light

-fruity, unoffensive

-easy drinking

-good table wine

-wine blends, not single grape

-Grenache is usually the primary grape

We sell:

Bila Haut, FR

Chapoutier, FR

Jupiter Les Halos, FR

La Fiole du Pape, FR



Pairs well with: anything except fish, salads or spicy foods

Originates from: Bordeaux, France

Flavors: watermelon, strawberry, cherry, plum, raspberry, graphite, cedar, tobacco, vanilla, clove, mocha

--many flavors depend on whether the grape are grown in warm or cool climates

-easy drinking and versatile

-medium bodied

-soft, ripe, elegant

3 we sell:

H3, US

Lindemans Bin 40, AUS

Ghost Pines, US

House wine available by the glass  and the bottle; changes based on availability




Pairs well with: everything

Originates from: Tuscany, Italy

Flavors: cherry, strawberry, tobacco, leather, cedar, white pepper, rosemary, figs, violet, cherry, plum, chocolate, cinnamon


-sangioves grape

- to be classified a Chianti it must contain 80% sangioves grapes

-little tart

-earthy, rustic

-high tannins and acidity

3 we sell:

Ruffino, IT

Peppoli, IT



Chianti Classico- more refined, high end, harvested from the best vineyards in the region

Ruffino Ducale Classico(We do not sell this currently)- is a Classico chianti made by Ruffino--Ducale means ‘duke' in Italian. Riserva Ducale honors the Duke of Aosta who braved a journey over the Alps to taste the Ruffino wines that he had heard so much about. He was so impressed by the wine that in 1890 he appointed Ruffino as the official supplier to the Italian royal family. This honor is not only reflected in the wine's name, but is depicted on its iconic label, one of the most recognized in the world of Italian wine.

Ruffino Ducale Oro—is a Classico Chianti made by Ruffino-- . This wine is produced only in outstanding vintages. If the grapes don't meet the winemaker's exacting standards, the wine will not be made. Riserva Ducale Oro seeks an exacting level of quality by starting with the finest, hand-harvested Sangiovese grapes primarily from Ruffino's estate vineyards and continuing with impeccable standards throughout all phases of winemaking.



Pairs well with: tomato sauce, pizza, grilled and bbq meats

Originates from: Croatia (better known from California)

Flavors: Raspberry, blackberry, black cherry, raisin, prune, vanilla, coconut, coffee, cinnamon

-smooth, fruity

-easy drinking

-good table wine

3 we sell:

Ghost Pines, US

House wine available by the glass  and the bottle; changes based on availability


Verosso (aka Zinfandel)

Pairs well with: Beef, Pasta, Lamb, Poultry

Originates from: Apulia Region, Italy

Flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Oak, Plum, Blackberry,  Licorice, Pepper, Leather, Mushroom, Iron, Cheese

We sell:

Pimitivo Salento, IT



Pairs well with: red meat, ham, roasted vegetables, smoked foods, hearty pastas

Originates from: Spain

Flavors: fruits, vanilla, cocoa, cherry, dried fig, cedar, tobacco, dill

-aromas of fresh fruit with gentle notes of vanilla and spices

-once aged it will be more dusty, leathery and tobacco flavored

-table wine

We sell:

Compo Viejo, ESP (Spain)



Pairs well with: red meat, game meat, hard cheeses

Originates from: Piedmont, Italy

Flavors:cherry, raspberry, spice, licorice, vanilla, leahter, blackberry, plum

We sell:

Travaglini Gattinara, IT


Pairs well with: meat based meals, spicy dishes, lean red meat, blue cheese, mushrooms, cumin, dark poultry, roasted vegetables, onion, beet, rosemary, garlic, green onion, vanilla bean, duck, lamb, pork,

Originates from: Cahors region, France

Flavors: sour cherry, spice, black cherry, plum, blackberry, raspberry, pomegranate, blueberry, cocoa, chocolate milk, coffee, mocha, molasses, leather, black pepper, gravel, green stem, tobacco, vanilla, dill, coconut

-easy drinking

-medium bodied

-tons of juicy fruit flavor with a smoky finish

-spicy and acidic

3 we sell:

Trapiche, ARG

Zuccardi, ARG

1884, ARG

Layer Cake, ARG

House wine available by the glass  and the bottle; changes based on availability



Malbec Merlot

Pairs well with: beef, pasta, lamb, poultry

Originates from: Argentina

Flavors:cassis, berry, coffee, mocha,red plum, berry, vanilla, spice and toast flavors, oak, vanilla, dill

We Sell:

Ciclos, ARG


Malbec Cabernet

-balance between the Argentine and Bordeaux styles. The wine is more fruity due to the higher precentage of Malbec and shorter ageing.

Pairs well with: Beff, Lamb, Game Meat, Poultry

Originates from: Argentina

Flavors: Oak, Vanilla, Chocolate, Plum, Blackberry, Earth, Leather, Smoke

We sell:

Amancaya, ARG



Cabernet Sauvignon:

Pairs well with: simply prepared red meat

Originates from: southwestern, France

Flavors: bell peppers, green olives, herbs, cassis, black cherry, tobacco, cherry, vanilla, black pepper, green peppercorn, black currant, sage, blackberry, violet,

  • Best from Bordeaux and Napa Valley
  • Full bodied, medium acidity, dry,
  • Is not a blend of wines—the grapes grew together and created a hybrid grape by accident—now it’s its own grape and therefore wine.
  • Dark color
  • Alcohol content over 13.5%
  • Best drank with food
  • Most planted grape in the world

We sell:

Josh, US

19 Crimes, US

Chateau St. Michelle, US

Louise M Martini, US

Layer Cake, US

Wolf Blass Yellow Label, AUS

Joel Got, US

Justin Paso Roble, US

House wine available by the glass  and the bottle; changes based on availability



Pairs well with: steak, beef, wild game, stews, blue cheese, fennel, thyme, blue cheese,

Originates from: Rhone Valley, France

Flavors: blackberry, boysenberry, plum, pepper, clove, black fruits, brambles, leather, olive, mint, vanilla, licorice, chocolate, all spice, rosemary, tobacco, herbs, smoke

-the same wines!! When the Syrah arrivedin AUS the Australians started called it Shiraz (accent perhaps)

-VERY dark color

-full bodied, high tannins

3 we sell:

Smoking Loon, US

Lindeman Bin 555, AUS

Harcourt Valley, AUS

Rosemont, AUS


Shiraz Durif (aka Petite Sirah, Durif is produced in “New World” wine regions)

Pairs well with: beef, lamb, Game meat, Poultry

Originates from: Montpellier, France

Flavors: oak, vanilla, chocolate, Pum, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry

We sell:

19 Crimes, AUS


California Blends- all different types of wines may be blended, tasting notes, pairings, ect will be different from bottle to bottle.

A quick note on each we carry:

689-Zinfandel, Cab, Merlot; juicy, bright, opulent red fruits, soft tannins

Conundrum-Petite Syrah, Zinfandel, Cab; rich, smooth; spicy foods; plum, vanilla, tobacco, german chocolate, cocoa powder; balanced, rich, refined.

Exitus- Bourbon aged wines are the fastest growing flavor category. Exitus is a bourbon barrel aged red wine that’s fermented in American stainless steel and then aged for 3 months in Kentucky bourbon barrels. It’s a bold blend of mostly Zinfandel, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The barrels for Exitus get a NO. 4 “char” also known as the “alligator char,” which gives the interior of the wood the rough, shiny texture of alligator skin.  Charring is the process that sets fire to the interior of barrels and creates a layer of charred wood.  The result is a wine that bucks tradition.

Tribunal- Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Barbera, Grenache and (take a breath here) Petite Verdot in just the right proportions; bold and full-bodied style, full of juicy, ripe fruit with a finish; burgers, tacos, pasta, pizza, sausages, soups, stews