Olde English Sanwiches

Clubhouse $17

Turkey, Ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayo.

Monte Cristo $14

Egg dipped Ham, turkey and mozza cheese.


Open Denver $14

2 egg open faced sandwich, ham, green pepper, cheese.

Closed Denver sandwich $12

Egg, ham, green pepper, cheese.

Beef Dip $16

Tender, thin sliced alberta roast beef, served with au jus


Grilled Cheese $8

Cheddar cheese on toasted bread


Chicken salad sandwich $9

lettuce, tomato, mayo, chives.


Fried egg sandwich $9

egg, aged cheddar, mayo


BLT $14

classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich


BBQ Beef on a bun $13

Tender, thin sliced roast, smothered in bbq sauce.


Tuna salad sandwich $8



Egg salad sandwich $9



Bacon and tomato sandwich $10



Chicken Salad $8


Chicken salad